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The White House

For over 40 years, Kittinger Furniture has proudly been a trusted provider of high quality furnishings for the White House. Kittinger's relationship with the White House began in 1969 when President Nixon commissioned Kittinger to craft the famous Cabinet Room conference table. Since then, Kittinger has refurbished the table and leather top, crafted the chairs that surround it, and recently added a much needed expansion leaf to the table.

In addition to the Cabinet Room, Kittinger has crafted furniture for other spaces within the White House. When the President is meeting with a person of importance in the Oval Office, they are almost always sitting on a pair of our Fireside Chairs. The Roosevelt Room features a Kittinger conference table, our famous "Roosevelt Room" chairs along with several other pieces. Many other spaces in the White House have Kittinger pieces such as the West Wing Waiting Room, the Green Room and various support offices.

Kittinger Furniture has also been used as official gifts for foreign Heads of State and Dignitaries. Our Block Front Chest (KC-87) has been used as an official gift several times since the 1960's.

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