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Custom Furniture

Our ability to custom build any piece of furniture is rooted in our principles of: vision, service, craftsmanship and sustainability.


We are able to custom build any piece of furniture whether it is a new design inspired by you or an adaptation of a piece in our catalog.


It all begins with a sketch on a piece of paper and a discussion with your designer or our factory. As we finalize the design and details of your piece, our CAD department will create detailed drawings for your approval.


Once you approve your piece's design, it will be sent for production. If you are using a custom stain or paint color, a sample will be sent to you for confirmation that it is the desired color.


Our skilled craftsmen are able to utilize any wood to craft furniture. Our finishers can create custom stains to match your existing pieces or to create a truly unique piece. Our upholsterers are able to delicately place patterns to ensure that their impact is maximized.


When it comes to custom furniture, no one does it better than we do.

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