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Part of the Kittinger experience is working with your designer to customize your pieces to your exact needs. We take great pride in focusing on the details that matter to you and make every piece unique. Here are just some of the details you pick.


Although you can use any leather provider you want, we are able to supply leather from:


Garrett Leather

Optima Leather

Cortina Leather

These suppliers cover a wide range of looks, durability, and price points.

Leather Tooling

Gold-tooled leather table and desk tops are crafted to your specifications. We are able to hand select hides from our main leather supplier to ensure durability and the desired cut. Multiple tooling wheels are used to create delicate designs in the leather with or without gold.




Due to the custom nature of our pieces we do not limit you to a selection of fabrics.

We are able to order from numerous fabric companies such as Scalamandre, Jim Thompson and Kravet. You are also able to provide your own fabric and can have it shipped direct to our factory.

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