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How much is my furniture worth?

Kittinger receives calls and emails on a daily basis from people looking for us to tell them how much their piece of furniture is worth. Sometimes they have recently inherited a piece and are simply curious. Frequently, they wish to sell it on their own and want to know what price they should put on it.

We are not in the appraisal business here at The Kittinger Furniture Company and do not provide valuation services. We therefore recommend that you contact your local appraiser if you wish to get an insurance appraisal, market appraisal or other value.

One of the reasons that we refuse to engage in valuation services here is that in our own experience, the value of a given piece of furniture will fluctuate wildly based on the market, which in the case of reproduction furniture is in a constant state of change. The price a piece brought as recently as six months ago therefore is not, in our view, a reliable indicator of its current or future value.

The value of a particular furniture item is also greatly impacted by factors such as style, condition, color and even the quality of the grain patterns or "figure" of the wood used for the particular piece. Since no two pieces have the exact same grain, two otherwise apparently identical pieces of furniture made by the same manufacturer may sell for dramatically different prices based on the fact that one may have a very plain figure and the other is dramatically grained. All these judgments are, of course, in the eye of the beholder and highly subjective. Accordingly, we cannot tell you what your furniture is worth or provide you with a "ballpark figure."


How old is my furniture?

Kittinger would like to congratulate you for owning a piece of America's Finest Furniture. Unfortunately we are unable to determine when exactly your individual piece of furniture was manufactured.
Today we have instilled a new practice where we engrave the invoice number on the Kittinger brass plate that is attached to every piece of Kittinger Furniture. With the use of a database that Kittinger maintains we believe Kittinger has resolved this problem for future generations.


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